Friday, June 4, 2010

stormy weather

It looks like for the moment the worst of the weather is off to our northeast, but it's been an evening of severe storm warnings and tornado watches, and radar shows another batch on its way across the river. Every time I think about taking the dogs out for a little exercise, it starts raining. We're under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11 tonight I think, and there's supposed to be rain tomorrow too.

I had 5 house finches on the safflower feeder this evening (in the rain), but none on the nyjer feeder. I'm going to have to see if the holes at the bottom got wet and clogged up, in which case I'll have to dump it out and clean it.

At noon today I saw the downy using the little sunflower feeder by the puppy pen. It was empty when I came home, though, and I suspect squirrels.

A couple of little birds have figured out how to go into the suet feeder. Yay! I'm so happy! The light hasn't been good enough for me to tell if it's house finches or English sparrows, or something else entirely, but I'm so pleased some of them are starting to figure out how to use it and not be afraid of it.

I'm thinking of trying the hummingbird feeder again. The first time I put it out I optimistically filled it all the way up, and then had to throw it all away. This time I think I'll just put a little bit in.

I was looking at pictures of available rescue GSDs--and NO, I'm NOT thinking of getting another dog; I have neither the room nor the finances, and if I were going to add a third animal it would be a cat. I was just looking. And despite all my protestations to the contrary--"No more long-hairs! Never again!"--my eye is immediately drawn to the long-coats. Maybe, years from now, when I'm looking for my next GSD, I'll be able to find one I like with a nice "plush" coat.

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