Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Computers are such a pain

They make us change our passwords at work every 90 days, which is stupid--several studies have shown that changing passwords compulsively does nothing to prevent identity theft or hacking. At any rate, I changed it late last week, and upon returning to the office after 4 days, I couldn't remember what it was and succeeded in locking myself out. To reset it, it turns out I have to have my employee number (the university decided to stop using social security numbers, which is also dumb). I don't know what it is. You're supposed to have an ID card, which I don't have. I managed to look it up, jumped through the hoops, and got my password changed.

Well, I forgot that I had to change the stupid password on stupid Zimbra when I got home, so I stopped after 2 incorrect log-ins and went back to campus to get the piece of paper I'd written it down on. Brought it back, put it in, and got kicked out again. I don't quite understand it, since it took the password to get me online, but it won't take it for Zimbra. So apparently I'm going to have to look up my ID number again when I get to work tomorrow and change the stupid password again, write it down, and make sure I change it wherever it's supposed to changed on this computer. Maddening!!!

OTOH--I took Timber with me when I went back to campus. Put his regular collar with the tags on and a martingale collar, and hooked him up to a flexi lead, and he was wonderful. He listened to me, he came back to me when I asked him to, he didn't dash out and hit the end of the leash like a ton of bricks--I was so proud and happy I could hardly stand it. It was great. It would have been greater if my knees hadn't started to hurt.

Which reminds me--I surrender. On the way up the stairs in the building where I work, my right knee hurt a LOT and I wasn't sure I was going to make it. Not good. There is an elevator in the building, but no one uses it if they don't have to, and no one gets onto it unless they have a cell phone to call for help. I am not kidding. It's completely unreliable. But my point is that I now bow to the fact that okay, that knee probably does need surgery. *sigh*

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Monika said...

That sounds really annoying, all those password changes.
My son just had to destroy his credit card, because someone used it. This card when we got ours was supposed to be super, extra safe to use, and within a week of having it, my husbands card number was used by someone too. Anyway, I wanted to say, if there's a way, a stupid password will do nothing for a real hacker.
Too bad about your knees!!!
That reminds me to try harder to loose some weight. My knees are the weakest point on me right now.