Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday morning

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, and although Weather Underground says today is supposed to be like yesterday, I beg to differ. I was just out with the dogs, and I'd say it's hotter and more humid. I foresee a lot of lying on the couch, reading. I've got the shades drawn against the sun this morning.

Visitors to the feeders have fallen off. I'm guessing this is because there's more natural food available, i.e. more bugs. And some seeds--I saw a little finch the other day standing on its tiptoes to reach dandelion seeds. The first time since childhood that I've felt warm and fuzzy toward dandelions. So I suppose things will pick up again come fall.

I ordered some plants this year--which I haven't planted yet, and I'd better hop to it before everything dies--and one of the places sent me a "free bonus hardy fuschia." I have planted that, and it currently looks like it's dying. I think I'll snip it back about 2/3s and then just leave it alone except for keeping it watered.

This year the Casa Blanca lilies are taller than they've ever been, but the leaves are turning yellow from the bottom. This upsets me. I'm hoping it's because it's a little dry, and that watering will fix it. I'm hoping for lots of blossoms this year.

I saw my first fireflies last night. I remember last year I saw the first ones around the first of June, too. But it's quiet at night--frogs and toads must be finished mating, and the crickets and cicadas haven't started up yet.

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